Dead Bars

Episode 59 – Dead Bars

First new episode in about a year! These guys are new to the block, but are making big waves! They are based out of Seattle but have a couple new 7″s on No Idea! They are a lot of fun and we had a great talk telling stories of tour and playing in bands over the years

All Songs on this episode are by the Dead Bars:
-Los Marineros

Episode #59 – Dead Bars MP3

Episode 58

Episode 58 – Paul Collins and Maximus

In this episode we sit down with Huge power pop legend Paul Collins, and lesser legend Maximus from the Maxies. It’s a lot of fun to hear the stories Paul has about life, the music industry, and everything in between!

Songs on this episode are all by the Paul Collins Beat:

Walking Out on Love
The kids are the same
Kings of Power Pop

That’s what Life is All About

Episode #58 – Paul Collins and Maximus MP3


Episode 57 – Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band

This weeks Episode was recorded around August of 2013, Nato has a lot to say about a lot of things. I mess up their band name a bunch, It was a really great time getting to know the rest of his band. They’re a great bunch of guys, and a great bunch of musicians. Enjoy!

All songs played on this episode are from their album “Promises to Deliver”

Late Night Heros
Hard to Hear the Truth
See Some Lights

Episode #57 – Nato Coles


Episode 56 – Elway

In episode #56, we talk with the band Elway drunkenly after their show here last summer with Masked Intruder. There are a lot of fun stories, and the truth finally comes out where I’ve been the past 6 months!

The songs on this podcast are:
Kristina’s Last Song off of Delisions
Note to Self off of Hence My Optimism
Christopher off of Leavetaking
Prophetstown off of Leavetaking

Episode #56 – Elway


Episode 55 – Direct Hit!

This conversation took place in late summer 2013.  It’s all over the place, but a great place to stop and meet Direct Hit!  Enjoy!!

All songs on this episode are by Direct Hit:

  1. -Buried Alive off of Brainless God

  2. -Snickers or Reese’s off of DOMESPLITTER

  3. -Monster in the Closet off of DOMESPLITTER

  4. -The World Is Ending off of Brainless God


Download the MP3 file: Episode #55 – Direct Hit!